Margot and Me

Download a free MP3 copy of this this beautiful song.
Your Mom will love it and the touching true story behind it.

I've been a songwriter and music producer since the 1960s. Back in '68, I wrote some lyrics that my Mother really loved. She said the words described how she felt, and that I could always count on her to be there. Finally, 25 years later, I was able to do something to show her how much that meant to me.

As a surprise for her 69th birthday, I recorded that little song in her honor. For the cassette jacket I used a picture of my mother and me (photo at top) taken when I was about three.

Naturally, Mom cried a lot when she got it, but I think I got the message across better than with words alone. Since then, everyone who has heard Margot's Song has wanted a copy, and now you can have one, too.

Use this link or the one below to DOWNLOAD A FREE MP3 copy of Margot's Song. You can burn it to a CD and give it as a gift, or just play the MP3 on any appropriate gadget.

All I ask is that you honor my copyright if you decide to pass it on:

Margots Song © Copyright 1968 Rainer Freytag. All Rights Reserved.

This year, show your Mother, Grandmother or Wife that you appreciate her in a unique way -- give her a copy of Margot's Song. I'm sure she will always treasure this special gift and you'll both enjoy the music for years to come.

My Mom is no longer with us, but she will always be in my heart.

As we get older, time passes all too quickly -- but it's never too late to say "I love you" with a song.