As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated by art and music. I spent many hours copying comic book art of all types, from Mad magazine to Disney characters. When I was still in grade school, my budding talent was encouraged by art teachers to the point where I only had to spend half a day in class and then could spend the rest of the school day drawing, painting and learning crafts like creating a silk screen from scratch. It certainly seemed I was headed for a career in commercial art someplace. Until fate stepped in.

At the same time I was exploring the world of visual and graphic arts, I also had a great love for music. My time in the school orchestra led to a summer scholarship to music college. By the time I got to high school I was a singer / songwriter / guitarist and started on my 20+ years as a professional Rock and Roll musician.

As fate would have it, at some point between bands I landed in the advertising field. I helped start an agency and eventually learned to do everything involved in that business. I was a Photographer, Art Director, Production Artist, Creative Director, Copywriter, Video Producer you name it I did it. Then after more than a decade as an "adman" I retired . . . sort of.

After leaving the Ad Agency in the early 1990s I embraced computer technology and became a Web Designer and Digital Artist. It was like making a full circle back to where I started and I've been enjoying my rebirth as a visual artist ever since.

I appreciate your interest and invite you to pause for a moment to join me in this little Celebration Of The Ordinary.