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Upsell Products

In DRTV, "upsell" means the sale of an additional product or service to an infomercial customer at the time of the initial telephone order.

According to DRTV industry statistics, the overall average for upsells as a percentage of total sales is 30%.  In other words, at least 30% of DRTV customers say "yes" to the offer made by the call center operator at the time they call in to place an order.

If You Call Now . . .

To capitalize on the potential of these Point Of Purchase add-on sales, All Out Fitness has created a special offer as an upsell to the eCUP purchase.

Call now and receive "Curves" - an herbal breast toning creme exclusively offered to eCUP customers for just $19.95

"Curves" breast creme is a perfect compliment to the eCUP. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the eCUP itself by improving its electrical contact with the skin -- and it has its own documented benefits in increasing bust size.

At time of purchase, all eCUP customers will be offered a specially packaged 2 oz. jar of "Curves" herbal breast enhancement lotion for $19.95. 

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For More Information: eCup@alloutfitness.com