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Selecting a DRTV Firm

Most of the major players in the DRTV business offer a turnkey concept from creative to production to media placement and sales. They manage telemarketing, fulfillment, celebrity acquisition and everything else. And with their experience and buying power, they are able to buy media at the lowest possible price.

In developing the eCUP product for television, we have reviewed numerous well-known DRTV firms.

Based in part on our prior experience with some of these companies, and partly on their specific expertise and reputations, we have narrowed our choice down to a few full service media firms with excellent track records. 

Each of these companies provides detailed product and financial evaluations, media funding, demographic market research and talented, experienced creative teams. 

Selection of a media firm for the eCUP project will be subject to approval by the Members of eCUP LLC and will be done after initial financing is complete.


DRTV  Services For eCUP Marketing

Marketing strategies
Financial analysis
TV production
Celebrity acquisition
Media Management
Per inquiry campaigns
Print and radio

Payment processing
Legal compliance
Product testing
Media funding
Int'l distribution

We look forward to the opportunity to co-produce eCUP's DRTV success with our full-service Media Partner.



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