e    C    U    P
--- H O M E --- 

Marketing Via Direct Response TV

No one has yet marketed an EMS unit on TV specifically for breast enhancement -- the eCUP will be the first! 

Upon funding All Out Fitness will produce and test market a 30 minute infomercial for the eCup. Based on a favorable test, our show will air nationwide within 6 weeks thereafter.

The idea, in general, is to launch the eCUP quickly via DRTV and capture both dollars and Mind Share before competition can get a foothold.


Timing Is Everything

Two recent events have paved the way for the eCUP to enter an unusually receptive marketplace:

1. - AbTronic
In the last year, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) units have resurfaced via DRTV in a variety of firming, toning and "abs" products. Led by the very successful AbTronic belt -- and a growing field of competitors -- EMS products are becoming ever more visible in the established market for Abdominal exercisers.

Right now, the "Ab" Companies are spending $millions on TV to teach our future customers the basic concepts of EMS therapy. This will give eCUP sales an immediate boost by letting us sell to an informed, predisposed audience.

2. - Bloussant

Although there are literally hundreds of breast enhancement creams and pills available without prescription, few have made such a dramatic splash via DRTV as Bloussant. With their first-rate infomercial, and a huge $ media schedule, Bloussant has re-energized the national market for breast enhancement with the promise of a little pill that does all the work.

However, despite its excellent production values and professional actors, Bloussant will not convince every woman that it is the answer. But by focusing DRTV attention on the subject of non-surgical breast enhancement, Bloussant is certainly helping to create eCUP customers every time it airs!

Many people have trouble believing that a little pill can do all that -- but to enhance the breast by building up the underlying muscle? Now that makes sense!

The eCUP DRTV campaign will benefit from seemingly unrelated market factors that effectively converge to give us an extra push:

a. the technology of EMS is well established and documented 

b. $ millions are being spent to create EMS awareness

c. $ millions are being spent to promote non-surgical breast enhancement 

d. eCUP is the first DRTV product to use EMS for breast enhancement

eCUP is a unique product using a proven concept to sell to an established market.

For More Information: eCup@alloutfitness.com