e    C    U    P
--- H O M E --- 

eCUP: the easier, gentler way 

The eCUP is the first EMS product specifically created for the Millions of women who want a non-surgical means of breast enhancement!

Each year, millions of women spend billions of dollars in an effort to improve their appearance and their self-esteem. But for all of the time and money spent on clothes and cosmetics, there has never been much besides expensive and dangerous surgery that could help ladies who were simply not blessed with a flattering bustline. That is until now . . .

Introducing the eCUP from All Out Fitness.

It's the perfect non-surgical method of enhancing the bustline by building up the underlying muscles of the chest.

The eCUP applies Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the pectoral muscles under the breast tissue. This causes an involuntary contraction that exercises the muscle. By using the eCUP just minutes a day, virtually any woman can tone and firm those important chest muscles to create a fuller, more shapely bustline.

Regular eCUP use helps resist the natural drooping and sagging that comes with age. And increasing the size of the pectoral muscles automatically gives the appearance of larger, more shapely breasts -- without surgery!

How It Works

The eCUP operates on the same basic principle as a medical TENS* unit. Each eCUP sends out a weak electrical impulse to the Pectoralis muscle under the breast. This small electrical signal causes an involuntary muscle contraction  -- kind of like what you would get by doing dumbbell flys with a light weight.

The difference is, you can do hundreds of them -- over and over -- without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat!

This sort of Passive Muscle Contraction (PMC) Therapy has been used by athletes for decades to strengthen and tone specific muscles. In recent years, various consumer products have emerged using similar EMS technology to help tone and shape abs, glutes, thighs and so forth. The fact is, Consumer EMS products are gaining in popularity because they're easy to use -- and they work!

The eCUP uses proven, safe methods of muscle stimulation to help women firm and enhance their bustlines. 


Intensity Controls (1,2)
Pulse LED (3)
Output to Cups (4,5)
Output Channels:  2
Power Supply: 9V
Output Volt: 0 - 145Vpp
Auto scan:  35 - 75 Hz. 
Pulse Width: 1.2 mS
Output. Current:  0 - 80 mA

* TENS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation -- the transmission of small electrical pulses through the skin to the underlying peripheral nerves to block pain signals travelling to the brain. 


For More Information: eCup@alloutfitness.com