e    C    U    P
--- H O M E --- 



All Out Fitness is seeking a financial partner to help launch the eCUP product. With only modest success, this venture will return 100% of startup capital within a few months -- and it has the potential to turn a $250K investment into $15,000,000 in sales -- or more!

The business structure we propose is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), however this decision is subject to mutual agreement by the prospective members.

Initial Financing
development for the eCUP has already been done and we are essentially ready to go. Finalization mostly involves package design, legal work, creative services for the infomercial and the assembly of a project team to follow through with media scheduling. 


Finalization 45,000
Inventory (1000 eCUP) 12,000
Inventory (300 upsell) 1,200
TV Prod.  150,000
Test Media 30,000
                  TOTAL $ 238,200

The Proposal

In return for providing operating capital (not media funds) for eCUP marketing, All Out Fitness (AOF) would agree to give its Financial Partner(s) the following:

A. 49% ownership of the eCUP LLC or whatever business entity is established for the purposes of this venture. AOF will retain 51%.

B. 50% of AOF's net profit* from all eCUP sales including upsells and product sold through non-TV channels.

D. Equal Dilution as needed for venture financing; the initial  investor(s) and AOF will retain their relative percentages of ownership and share of profits in the event that equity is sold to outside parties.

E. Media Funding opportunity to provide the funds for media purchase and earn corresponding profits; this is separate from any share of earnings due to eCUP product sales. 

If you would like to discuss the possiblity of joining us in this exciting and timely DRTV venture, please make contact via the email link below.

Thank you.

Rainer Freytag & Mike Levinson
Co-Founders, All Out Fitness

 * AOF's net profit: pre-tax earnings after all direct costs are paid.

For More Information: eCup@alloutfitness.com