We are the world's #1 largest distributor of live, fully decorated Christmas Trees ranging from 30 to 150 feet tall. We have provided over 50 years of outstanding quality and service to our clients. Truly the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world. Our experience and selection of outstanding quality Christmas trees has thrilled millions of people throughout the United States.

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Did you know that manicuring a forest is a necessity for stable and continued growth? Selected older and taller trees are harvested allowing smaller trees to survive. This process in known as a “Selected Timber Sale”. These harvested trees are turned into products like boards for lumberyards and new homes, to paper and pencils. Maintaining over 70,000 acres of trees we carefully select our Christmas Trees from the pre selected timber sale. According to the U.S. Forest Service, there are more trees today then any other time in history. Concerned for the environment, for every one tree we harvest, 12 trees are replanted in it’s place. Today there are approximately 47 million board feet of timber in the U.S.. Four times more than 1956.