“You have not found your way to this page by mistake. Everything happens for a reason. I believe in the Law of Attraction, and that you are seeking a connection with the Angels I am able to foster for you. I enthusiastically invite you explore the spiritual realm with me, as the deepest truth is the truth we can not physically see . . .”   — Ailene


Angel Readings
We all have Angels and Spirit Guides; they are with us at all times. Angel readings are for everyone; you do not have to be religious to benefit from this type of reading. Angel readings are typically very positive and inspiring. During Angel readings you may receive personal information and messages from your Angels. Ailene uses a variety of techniques such as channeling, card readings and other techniques, such as Clairvoyance, to make the connection. During these angelic readings you may receive guidance from Spirit Guides. This can include messages or information from deceased loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world. When receiving angelic guidance during readings, your guides will attempt to provide Ailene with the information they believe you need to know. Angel readings can be very emotional and powerful, but they are also a great source for spiritual tools you may need as you travel life's journey.

Angel Parties
An Angel party is a gathering of friends, family, or coworkers who have an interest in connecting with the Angels. Upon your request, Ailene will begin your party with a short talk on the Angels. Then, one by one, each attendee receives their individual 15-minute Angel reading with Ailene. Members of the party are exhilarated to share their experience with the group. The party size is recommended to be 5-12 people.

Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Coaching taps into the power center both within you and Ailene. Giving credence to this spiritual intelligence, Ailene can aid you in hearing the messages in your heart and the guidance of your Angels, supporting you to take action and effect changes from that place of inner strength. We all have an inner guidance system that knows what’s best for us and can support us to fulfill our life’s purpose. Just listen for that still small voice within and understand that it has merit equal to and complementary to your intellectual thoughts.

Angel Talks
Would your group like to learn more about the Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides? Ailene is an accomplished professional public speaker, and invites opportunities to share how the Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides work with, guide, love, protect, and heal us whether we are aware of them or not.

Manifestation Coaching
Do you need help with money, business, relationships, life decisions or health? Manifesting with the Angels is the means to fulfill your heart's desires. Receive the divine power of the Angels, and then apply the gifts received to accomplish your goals in daily life. We create our own reality. Most people unconsciously wander through their lives felling as if life happens to them. Manifestation Coaching empowers you to become aware of your power to create your own life, and then to direct your life to find deep and lasting fulfillment.