What can I expect from an angel reading?

An Angel reading provides you with guidance and direction for your life. It can also give you insight in to your future, based on the path that you are currently following. Ailene will relay the messages from the Angels for answers to questions that you may have. An Angel reading may also involve a healing session where the Archangels are called upon to heal any pain or other physical problems that you may be experiencing.

How to prepare for a reading?
In preparation for a reading, it's best to prepare a list of questions. You can also ask the Angels to tell you what you most need to know at that time.

What kind of questions can I ask the angels?
You can ask the Angels about any aspect of your life, such as your work, health, relationships or life purpose.

What if I get a frightening angel reading?
There is no need to be afraid of the information that you may receive from an angel reading as the angels always provide information that is filled with love and light and is for your highest good.

How long does a reading last?
A reading can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of questions that you have and if healings are performed.

What if I am not religious?
Angel readings are completely nondenominational. Many religions speak of Angels. Angels, however, are truly nondenominational and do not belong to any particular sect.

What are the benefits of having an angel reading?
An Angel reading will give you clarity and guidance for every aspect of your life. An Angel reading can leave you feeling happier, more peaceful and confident.

What about addictions?
Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael can also be called upon to cut the cords to any addictions that you may have and to feed your body to satisfy the craving. For example: addictions to certain foods and beverages, smoking, alcohol and drugs. Ailene has found this to be very powerful and successful, with fast results.

Why do I need to ask the angels for their help?
We all have Angels around us. However, because we all have free will, we need to ask the Angels to help us. The Angels will not intervene without your permission, except in a life threatening situation when it is before your time.