About Ailene

Ailene, like many people, grew up in a homogenous community that shared a limited conception of the divine. In her early 20’s, Ailene found herself surrounded by an abundance of spiritual mentors. By providence, she came to work at Astro Communications Services for four years while in college. Astro is the innovator of electronically produced astrological charts, and publishes a variety of metaphysical books. At Astro, Ailene was introduced to many varieties of spiritual beliefs and methods of understanding and communicating with the divine, and worked under the leaders of metaphysical thought at the time including Maria Kay Simms, Maritha Pottenger, and Rique Pottenger.

Ailene went on to complete her B.A. at San Diego State University in Speech Communication, graduating summa cum laude. She has worked in the corporate world for more than a decade. Her accomplishments, she feels, are the result of the application of spiritual training she has learned from many mentors.

After many twists and turns in her life, Ailene decided to rededicate her energies to focus on the spiritual realm. She has studied under Doreen Virtue, PhD, and is a certified by Dr. Virtue as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®.

Ailene is adept at working with the Angels to help you achieve your life purpose, overcome addictions, relationships, address health issues, address financial issues, and more . . .